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Workshops For Highschools

The Weird Ticket has workshops for high schools catering to the non verbal/physical theatre/circus areas of the teaching curriculum

The learning is done through whole group, small group, partner and solo exercises where students can learn via reflecting together on what works through doing and watching 





Key Concepts Taught:

  • Audience connection, how to be present and complicite with the audience

  • The Game, discovering pleasure in “playing” as opposed to “acting”, 

  • Impulse, letting material generate from our physical impulses & getting out of the “good idea” trap

  • Mining the Game, once a game is found sticking to it

  • Creating Rich Clown Character

  • Classic Clown Relationships, Simple, Mischievous & Boss Clown

  • Clown Improvisation

  • Building Clown Acts



Key Concepts Taught:

  • Creating Illusion; introducing "fixed point", use of tension and physical qualities

  • Problem solving; experimenting via improvisation with solving the problem of effectively communicating an idea to the audience in thin air

  • Mime play; using mime to create a playful imaginary world as opposed to recreating reality

OBJECT PLAY (juggling)

Key Concepts Taught:

  • Introducing the three foundational ways to approach manipulating an object 

  • How to juggle more objects than hands

  • Building a manipulation routine and communicating stories, attitudes of theme's through them

  • Everyday objects, everything can be juggled and the less the audience expects from it the higher the reward 


​Key Concepts Taught:

  • How to use a mask

  • Identifying neutrality

  • Moving from neutral into character physicality 

  • Working as an ensemble

  • Ways to devise masked ensemble performance  

“Hardey McMurrick is an authentic, affable clown. His amiable and attentive approach to guiding students in refining physical theatre techniques instils confidence in their personal, inventive theatrical explorations. The students learn to portray characters with subtlety, humour and originality. Hardey designs each of his workshops to match a teacher's goals for each class. His workshops are suitable for teachers seeking to enrich their students' Drama experience by way of growing their understandings of characterisation, building trust in their own creativity and, fostering courage in their physical theatre practice. Due to his generosity of spirit, quirky humour and personal integrity in working with young people, I thoroughly recommend Hardey as a practitioner of physical theatre and clowning.”

Jennie, Drama Teacher, John Curtin Highschool 2021

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