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The Fine Art of Being Stupid

Good clowning is serious business, it takes a lot of work to do it well

Clown is one of the pillars upon which modern theatre rests and most of what can be said that it is, the opposite is also true, which is why it's so unique and captivating. Having said that, there are some principles that have been identified which when employed enable the actor to embody the "clown state". Some of them are honesty, curiosity, playfulness, simplicity & a direct relationship with the audience. 

I have been teaching clowning for over 10 years running clown jams, residential intensives, guest teaching in tertiary institutions and acting as a "clown consultant" for creative developments. Via games and exercises I facilitate a process to connect participants to a body centred space and allow the "what works" in clown to be experienced & witnessed together. I am super passionate about the process of teaching clown and am continuously inspired by it's profound effect upon participants!

I can tailor my teaching to suit any process and welcome you to contact me to see what I can do to bring clowning to your project or teaching environment.     

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