The Fine Art of Being Stupid

Good clowning is serious business, it takes a lot of work to do it well

Clown is one of the pillars upon which modern theatre rests and most of what can be said that it is, the opposite is also true, which is why it's so unique and captivating. Having said that, there are some principles that have been identified which when employed enable the actor to embody the "clown state". Some of them are honesty, curiosity, playfulness, simplicity & a direct relationship with the audience. 

I have been teaching clowning for over 10 years running clown jams, residential intensives, guest teaching in tertiary institutions and acting as a "clown consultant" for creative developments. Via games and exercises I facilitate a process to connect participants to a body centred space and allow the "what works" in clown to be experienced & witnessed together. I am super passionate about the process of teaching clown and am continuously inspired by it's profound effect upon participants!

I can tailor my teaching to suit any process and welcome you to contact me to see what I can do to bring clowning to your project or teaching environment.     

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Clowning For High Schools


The Weird Ticket offers a dedicated program for high schools which can be a one off workshop or a set of workshops with a performance outcome.

Teaching is available from May to October.

Key Concepts Taught:

  • Audience connection, how to be present and complicite with the audience

  • The Game, discovering pleasure in “playing” as opposed to “acting”, 

  • Impulse, letting material generate from our physical impulses & getting out of the “good idea” trap

  • Mining the Game, once a game is found sticking to it

  • Creating Authentic Clown Character

  • Classic Clown Relationships, Simple, Mischievous & Boss Clown

  • Clown Improvisation

  • Building Clown Acts


“Hardey McMurrick is an authentic, affable clown. His amiable and attentive approach to guiding students in refining physical theatre techniques instils confidence in their personal, inventive theatrical explorations. The students learn to portray characters with subtlety, humour and originality. Hardey designs each of his workshops to match a teacher's goals for each class. His workshops are suitable for teachers seeking to enrich their students' Drama experience by way of growing their understandings of characterisation, building trust in their own creativity and, fostering courage in their physical theatre practice. Due to his generosity of spirit, quirky humour and personal integrity in working with young people, I thoroughly recommend Hardey as a practitioner of physical theatre and clowning.”

Jennie 2021